Live CCTV & Mobile App

Ompee World School has integrated Live CCTV technology for safety and security of our students. Live CCTV streaming for parents is available for classes. It provides transparency between parents and their children to monitor their activities on daily basis and can guide them accordingly. Here, we give the advantages of getting CCTV Cameras Systems in our school campus.
1Live CCTV & Mobile App - Security & Safety Benefits
- It may prevent, or catch, theft. The same with any other places, schools can be a good place for stealing and through the aid of CCTV Cameras Tools, this can be prevented. - It may reduce events which involve bullying, vandalism and even violence considering that no one would risk on getting caught by doings something inappropriate knowing that he is being monitored by these IP CCTV Cameras. - The presence of CCTV Security Cameras Systems also prevents not authorized individuals from entering the school campus. - It is also a good way to make everybody --- students, faculties and staff --- feel secured when they are within the school premises.
2Live CCTV & Mobile App - Academic Improvement
- Parents can guide their kids to improve their academic performance by monitoring them via live CCTV streaming on their tabs. - These CCTV Surveillance Cameras are ideal for stopping misbehaving acts from students since, more often than not, students tend to misbehave when they see no staff or faculty. - There is a transparency between student's academic performance and parents analysis.
3Live CCTV & Mobile App - Teacher Evaluation
- Live CCTV footage can be used to improve on classroom management, problem areas etc. - Teacher evaluations can be done using video footage. - Setting Up CCTV Cameras in school campuses would encourage teachers to do good practice. - Teachers and students can be protected from false accusations.
4Live CCTV & Mobile App - Prevention of Drugs
- It may also help in putting stop to smoking, or worse, using drugs, while in school's premises. - We can put a check on distractions and other bad habits to keep our student in a right track.