100% Nutritious Diet

We provide the best facility of complete nutritious diet to our students and online health check in which parents can check their child's health statistics in terms of height, weight, mineral balance, daily diet etc. to keep their child healthy and strong. We also give 100% nutritious diet to our students to meet their health requirements. Here, we give the advantages of nutritious diet & online health check of students.
1100% Nutritious Diet
Our main motto is to maintain proper health of our students by providing them proper nutritious food for their body growth; - Proper protein diet which includes milk, cheese, yogurt, egg, spinach, nuts etc. - Proper vitamins diet which includes green vegetables, fruits, cereals, fruit juices etc. - Proper Carbohydrate diet which includes green peas, apple, cereals, banana, potatoes, beans, milk etc. - Proper Minerals diet which includes beans, grain bread, dairy products, Soya Milk, Coconut water, Glucose etc.
2Health Exercises For Students
With proper guidance of our health instructors, we have made a proper format of important health exercises for our students; - Specific health exercises are there for students of different ages. - It will contribute to improving the immunity of students and keep them fit and healthy. - Parents can share their feedback on nutrition diet of their children.
3Proper Diet - Health Comparison
Parents can compare health and diet statistics of their kids online on their mobile tablets; - It will help in making proper health analysis of the students - Parents can clearly focus on the health issues of their kids. - Parents need not to worry about the physical fitness of their kids.
4Online Health Check - Parents Feedback
Parents can give feedback to our health instructors as per diet and health comparisons; - It may help in improving their kid's health standard. - Health instructors will be more careful about health and hygiene of students. - On the basis of parents feedback, we can make required changes in our standard health format.