Online Access Card System

We have integrated online access card system in our school for the security of our students and real-time attendance records. An online access control system can be a powerful tool improving safety for staff and pupils and protecting high-value assets. There are many additional benefits that an access control system can bring;
1Control of access & Real-Time Attendance
The principal use of an access control system involves setting appropriate access permissions for students, staff and visitors, so they each have access only to those areas that they need to access, and only at the times that they need to access them. This will allow them to circulate freely without compromising safety and security. Attendance of students, as well as other staff, will be marked automatically through this online access card system and parents will receive a message for their child's entry in our school campus. When a card is issued to a user, a record can be set up that contains their details together with the level of access that they have to each controlled area of the school campus. The system not only controls which areas they have access to, but also the times of day and days of the week that they will be allowed to access them.
2Student and staff safety during lessons
The security of staff and students is of paramount importance. Children have the right to a safe place in which to be educated and members of staff have the right to a safe place in which to work. With violence in schools on the rise, this is a serious problem for head teachers and school governors. It is essential to address the use of violence by children and parents as well as preventing undesirable outsiders from coming into the school. So, its necessary to achieve maximum security while maintaining a user-friendly, welcoming school climate. The use of access control can help to provide the necessary protection for students and staff without creating a prison style environment. Furthermore, the pressures on staff to maintain high levels of vigilance can be eased, with the assurance that nobody can enter the building without being formally checked in.
3Managing visitors during working hours
An access card system offers several options for managing visitors. In all cases, it is important that visitors can’t enter the premises without being checked in at the reception/administration office Once a visitor has been checked in, a member of staff can allow them access to the area that they need to visit, either by using their own pass card or by operating a button in the administration office. When a visitor needs to leave a secure area, they can either press a free exit button or use an internal door handle
4Protecting high value school assets
In many schools, computer and science labs have high-value assets that that can be a target for theft. The prevention of theft during normal school hours can be greatly enhanced by fitting electronic locks and card readers at all access points to areas where valuable items are stored. This prevents unauthorized personnel having access to the equipment while it is unattended, and provides records of all events at that location. Access card system can also be used to complement intruder alarms and security video for detecting forced entry and out-of-hours access. It can monitor individual doors and provide door forced alarms, as well as maintaining records of access, both authorized and unauthorized.