Ompee World School offers strong, rigorous, international curriculums at all levels. The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (Foundation to Grade 5) and is currently a candidate school for The IB Primary Years Programme.

In the Primary School, the students learn through inquiry hands-on on learning methods that develop high standards of thinking skills, curiosity to know and find out. At all stages, the school ensures that students become enlightened learners, develop positive skills and attitudes and become confident personalities.


Learning at Ompee World School

Ompee World School is a school where pupils are taught to think by teachers who inspire them. We provide them with abilities, techniques, and interest that will drive them towards love for knowledge throughout their lives.

We encourage students to think and learn in a variety of ways and to develop a regard for themselves as learners in a lifelong process.

Perfect Class-Rooms

IT-Enabled and fully equipped classrooms form the base of an Ompee World School education. Teachers make an effort to teach according to each student's abilities. Each school member is encouraged to develop his/her interest towards academics and extracurricular activities in and outside of school.

Advantages of getting Live CCTV Cameras Systems on our school campus.

We provide all students with opportunities for a distinctive, personal education in a learner-centered and learner-active environment where they develop responsibility for their own progress.

Physical Environment

The physical environment of the school has been effectively planned to capture the natural curiosity of young students. The arrangement of the indoor setting reflects the flexibility of the program and will enable our students to move freely, select their activities and use a variety of learning materials. The classroom areas are safe, stimulating, colorful and conducive for young learners.

We recognize that young children learn best through direct sensory encounters rather than through abstract and formal academic procedures.