Our Four Clan


Varuna Clan


Soma Clan


Surya Clan


Indra Clan

Division Of Clans

Each Clan is divided into respective sections managed by specific clan masters, Clan captains, Clan Vice-captains, and Clan members All activities, events and performance of clans will be monitored and tracked by respective clan master.

Clan Captain

Captain of a clan will report to Clan Master regarding clan performance.

Clan Vice-Captain

Vice-captain will report to Clan captain to manage various clan activities.

Clan Member

Clan members will perform as per instructions of clan captain & vice-captain.

Clan Master

This position is of the clan in charge who will manage all activities of a clan.
1Intra Clan Cultural Activities
- Intra Clan Poetry Competition

- Intra Clan Drama Competition

- Intra Clan Arts Competition

- Intra Clan Quiz Competition

- Intra Clan Debate Competition

- Intra Clan Science Olympiad Competition

- Intra Clan Math Olympiad Competition

- Intra Clan Dance Competition

- Intra Clan Music Competition

2Intra Clan Sports Competition
- Intra Clan Swimming Competition

- Intra Clan Boxing Competition

- Intra Clan Basketball Competition

- Intra Clan Badminton Competition

- Intra Clan Table Tennis Competition

3Intra Clan Academic Activities
- Intra Clan Sessional Academic Analysis

- Intra Clan Annual Academic Analysis
4Besten clan trophy for best all-round performance
Clan with maximum points in all kind of activities on the basis of annual analysis will be awarded 'Besten Clan Trophy'

Conditions to be satisfied for Besten clan trophy are :

- Maximum points in Intra Clan Academic Activities

- Maximum points in Intra Clan Sports Activities

- Maximum points in Intra Clan Cultural Activities

- Maximum average score in all the above activities