English Learning Sessions

1Benefits of English Movie Sessions
There will be a facility of organizing weekly English learning sessions in school auditorium through English movies or documentaries for the students of all age-groups to improve grasping power of growing children. Benefits of English Learning Sessions: - It will improve visual learning ability of all students. - It will increase vocabulary level of the students and they will implement those new words in their spoken language. - Students will learn more faster because of interest and ideal learning environment.
2Benefits of English Learning Lab
We provide a special environment for easy learning through English learning lab inside school premises. Benefits of English Learning learning lab: - Students are divided into teams to play respective roles during learning sessions. - It will be useful to make students aware of the importance team role in any activity. - Teachers will focus on reading, spoken and learning skills of students and help to improve their weak areas. - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sessions will be there after each learning session to check what students have learned from these sessions.
3Benefits of Story Telling Sessions
To increase memory power and imagination level of students, we regularly schedule various storytelling sessions. Benefits of Story Telling Sessions: - These sessions provide best ways to express an individual's views to others. - It may help in boosting confidence in the students to express themselves in a more expressive way. - Students will carefully attend these sessions with interest and at the end of each session, all will learn a valuable lesson. - An opportunity will be given to each and every student to participate actively in these sessions.
4Benefits of Geeta Learning Sessions
With Advance modern language learning, we also focus on moral and spiritual values of our culture and religion. Benefits of Geeta Learning Sessions: - It will help students to understand the importance of moral and spiritual values in our lives. - Students will be more aware of what is the actual difference between good and bad. - These sessions will encourage all students to implement these moral values in their lives. - The main focus will be on discipline, ethics, moral values and spiritual importance for the all-round development of the students.