Online Tab Access

We provide Mobile tablets (TAB) to parents and these tablets are connected with all CCTV cameras installed in our school campus. Parents can track and monitor activities of their children live on these tabs which would help in improving their behaviour and focusing on all weak points to build a strong foundation for their bright future. Here, we give the benefits of onlie TAB access to parents
1Online TAB Access - Security & Safety Benefits
Parents can feel more safer for their children by monitoring security and safety measures implemented; - Parents can online check how much safer & secure their children are. - Teachers and other staff will be more attentive as all activities will be monitored by parents. - Parents need not to worry about the safety of their children. - Parents can give their feedback and suggestion to improve these safety measures
2Online TAB Access - Monitoring Activities Live
With online TAB access to parents, they can monitor all activities of their kids; - Parents can guide their kids to improve their academic performance by monitoring them live on their tabs. - Parents can make a better analysis of their kids by observing their activities. - There will be proper proportionality between parents analysis and their child's performance.
3Online TAB Access - Teachers & Parents Bonding
It will contribute to a better transparency between teachers and parents; - It will act as an intermediate to improve classroom management, problem areas, teacher-student co-ordination etc. - Students, teachers, and parents were more engaged and collaborated. - It will help in avoiding any kind of biases or discrimination by teachers. - Parents can give their feedbacks and suggestions to respective teachers.
4Online TAB Access - All Round Improvement
As all students are being monitored by their parents so it will help in improving them academically, socially, physically and mentally; - With proper observation of parents and guidance of teachers, students will improve their behavior towards elders and youngers. - Both parents and teachers can focus on weak points of a student to improve his/her academic performance. - Any kind of health issues will be resolved immediately with respect to parents feedback for their children.